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Solar Mole Repeller

  • Solar Mole Repeller
  • Solar Mole Repeller
  • Solar Mole Repeller
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    Model NO.:SMR-516
    The repeller unit is effective at repelling mole, by emitting a sonic pulse which mice feel as a vibration transmitted through the ground. Mole then perceive a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area.
    The Mole Repeller-Solar is designed to repel burrowing pests such as moles, gophers, and other rodents by semding a sonic pulse that pests find extremely disturbing, causing them to leave the area. The vjbrating sonic sound pulses about 30~50 second intervals and covers a surface area of 6,000 square feet. The Mole Repeller-Solar emits a vibration in all directions. For best results, it is recommended to use one unit every 50 feet. 
    The Mole Repeller-Solar works with a solar panel and rechargeable battery. The solar cell charges the battery during the day so the unit runs both night and day.
    Model NO.
    Frequency range
    Power supply
    12.75*6*6 inches
    Sun Light+Amorphous Solar Panel+long-run Ni-CD battery
    Suitable for use in grasslands, parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, golf courses and open space..etc.The effective area is​​about 200-400 square meters.
    Important!!Do not dig into the ground until you have checked for underground cables or wires. Check with your local utilitier company to ensure that you do not dig into underground cables. This is very dangerous and could result in personal injury. Note: Check the ground before installing the device; frozen or waterlogged ground is nor recommended. First,bore or dig a small hole to make room for the device. DO NOT use a hammer or excessive force when installing. Choose a location that gets plenty of sunshine, this will ensure full charging of the batteries and better results.