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Monkey Repeller(500 sq.m)

  • Monkey Repeller(500 sq.m)
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    Model NO.:JWP-316M
    JWP-series are the only professional ultrasonic pest repellers with special “Multiplex Modulated Sweeping Ultrasonic Sounds”. It combines our 2 unique technologies, “Automatic Frequency Change” and “Adjustable Sweeping Speed” which can prevent rodents from getting used to a single-frequency sound by changing frequency and speed all the time. These intense ultrasonic waves (20~65 kHz are out of the hearing range of humans) directly attack rodents’ auditory and central nerve systems to drive away these unwanted animals from your place without using toxic chemicals or killing them. Our products guarantee quality performance and lasting effectiveness and are all made in Taiwan. Their effective coverage ranges from 100 sq. meters to 600 sq. meters. (When in an open field without any obstruction, their coverage could be doubled)

    1. High-powered ultrasonic speakers emit super strong ultrasounds.


    2. Our devices can automatically change their frequencies and alter their sweeping speeds 1-60 times a second. It is different from other ordinary pest repellers which become ineffective due to rodents' and bugs' adaptability to a single-frequency sound.


    3. These devices are sanitary, safe, reliable, chemical-free, environment-friendly, and have no side effect to humans. They provide a more humane way to replace any other anti-pest measures that may require the use of harmful chemicals or poisons.


    4. Ultrasonic frequencies between 20~65 kHz are inaudible and harmless to human beings and most of household pets; sonic frequencies under 20kHz can be used outdoors to repel birds, stray cats or dogs and wild animals.


    5. These devices produce 3-dimensional ultrasonic waves to repel rodents and pests within their effective ranges which cover any nooks in all directions, horizontally and vertically.


    6. Ultrasound does not interfere with home appliances, such as TVs, radios, computers, remote controls, hearing aids, etc.


    7. These devices consume little electricity (2W~6W) and they are suitable for long-term use.

    Model NO.
    Frequency range
    JWP-316 (Warehouse type)
    10-65 KHz Adjustable
    117 dB
    6 Watts
     5,400 Sq. Ft. (500 Sq.m )


    1. Flour factories, food processing factories, rice mills, pharmaceutical companies, feed processing factories and grain barns where poisonous baits and pesticides cannot be used.


    2. Theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, and hospitals which have been plagued by the urine and noise of rodents.


    3. Grocery stores, clothes shops, food stores, furniture stores, and warehouses in which rodents and pests often cause damage by gnawing.


    4. Transformer stations, telecom rooms, computer rooms, and electric machinery rooms of factories where fire can be triggered by short circuits caused by electric wires ruptured by rodents.


    5. Villas, houses, or feed storage places of farm houses, ship cabins, pig farms, and henhouses where can be overrun by rodents.


    6. Farms, green houses, yards, lawns, gardens, balconies, plazas, barns, parking garages, garbage lots, etc. where birds might nest or wild animals might hunt for food.




    1. Plug the adaptor into the power source and connect it to this device. 


    2. Set the control knob at the RODENTS/INSECTS (6~8).


    3.Turn the sweeping speed knob clockwise and set it at any notch between MIN~MAX (1~10). Then the red light will be on to indicate this device is operating. Adjust the notch once a week in order to make it impossible for rodents or pests to adapt to the sound.


    4. Set the control knob at BIRDS to repel birds and other wild animals. Normally the device should be located outdoors or somewhere people are not around for a long period of time.


    5.Turn the control knob anti-clockwise to TEST. If it produces sharp and shrill sound to the ear, this device is functioning normally. (Do not put your ear too close. The test is done to see if this device functions properly.


    6. Keep this device on 24 hours a day in order to have the best effect.